3 Tips for Becoming a Millionaire

July 30, 2018

Know how to earn on cryptocurrency in 2018 using ICO Catalog. Rating of crypto, useful articles and guides wait for you on this website.

It seems like almost everybody has earned thousands of dollars with the help of cryptocurrency. If you’re afraid that you have lost this opportunity, we want to give you hope. We’ll show the things you can do right now not to lose money in the future.

Increase knowledge in crypto

Before you start earning, you should know all the details about the coins. Find a reliable source of information where information is available for free. ICO Catalog is a good example. This service collects information about almost 300 names of tokens and compares them. After studying their ratings, you’ll be aware of the best cryptocurrency, the mechanisms of earning and saving the profits.

Invest in profitable cryptocurrency

After becoming aquatinted with new names and numbers, start investing. Choose ICO depending on its popularity, mobility, and security. Pay attention to coins’ capitalization on the market and experts’ predictions. Decide how much you can invest, create a wallet, register on the exchange, buy tokens and transfer them to an offline wallet or use mixing services.

Create your own ICO

If you’re ready for months of hard work, create your own crypto and publish it in charts and catalogs. Prepare a reliable White paper and find a good team to work with. Now you have many things to do: to write an attractive goal and project description, film a high-quality promoting video and find a suitable platform and algorithm of operating. Sounds hard but it’s worth it.