Australian Oz Lotto and other lotteries on

June 6, 2018

Have you ever thought of winning the lottery? The question like “What would you do if you won $1 000 000?” is very popular but very few people take such risks and buy a lottery ticket. After visiting Gobigwin website it seems like winning isn’t hard. We like the jackpot Oz Lotto offers that’s why we’ll talk about it mostly.

Everything about Oz Lotto

As it was mentioned before, the jackpot here is huge. The biggest one was in 2013 and the sum was $100 000 000! That’s why Australians prefer this lottery to others. Also, it has simple rules: there’ll be 9 balls with numbers and you are to choose 7 numbers out of 45. Of course, there’re additional options which give some guarantees, all of them are written on Gobigwin so you can win even more by paying more. “best lottos – check this out on

As this website is focused on online lotteries, everybody can play them no matter where one lives, so you may live far from Australia but win money in Oz Lotto. The main rule is always to be at least 18 years old and to have no restrictions from the local government.

How to participate

It’s very easy to become one of those lucky winners, who are in a special section on Gobigwin, Just open the website, look through the information about rules and principals of playing, give your contact information, pay for the chosen ticket and wait until you win. The tickets are bought by special agents who send the photo of them to you, so there’re guarantees it’s not a scam.

Of course, Oz Lotto isn’t the only option on Gobigwin. They have other 7 lotteries so you’ll probably find the suitable one. The guides and tips on this website will help you to be the best and to make up your own winning strategy.