Find Out All the Bugs and Downsides in your Mobile App in 3 Steps

August 25, 2018

Created an application? Make the steps we’ve written in this article before launching it. The testing process is a must for those who like making things high-quality. The company we’ve selected for review is called Testmatick.

The specific of digital products is that they are complicated and contain many details which should be taken into account. Even if you’re a genius and your team is highly responsible, there are maybe some mistakes. Read the steps which can help you in getting read of them.

Step 1 – Choose a Reliable Testing Company

There are special websites which offer software testing services. Look at their working experience, pay a special attention to reviews, and study what is offered. Tetsmatick, for example, was created in 2009 and is still working now. The reviews are almost positive and full. On the website, one will find more than 20 testing services, so there’s an opportunity to check everything you’ve created.

Step 2 – Try the Service

The mentioned company offers a free pilot project for everyone who uses it for the first time. It means that you’ll get 20 hours of free work and will be able to know the cons of your product fast and easy. It doesn’t matter if your app is on the development stage as it can be analyzed too.

Step 3 – Make a Full Testing

After you’ve got the idea of the service, got acquainted with the team, it’s the right time to select all tests fully and pay for them. A great thing is that the work will be started in an hour after your request before signing a contract and payment.

So now you can launch the app and make money on it!