How to choose the best converter to Microsoft Word

October 8, 2018

When looking for a good converter for your PDF files, you can be overwhelmed with available options. It can be hard to choose the best one if you don’t know the important factors or criteria to look at.

Factors to choose the right converter for your PDF files

The PDF format has a number of benefits, but it isn’t designed for editing purposes. If you need to extract or change images or textual information, think about effective solutions. The easiest one is to convert your documents to DOC.

How online programs work

There are many programs that can do this job for free. Their work is based on special techniques that extract and identify textual data and images while preserving their original format. They aren’t created equal, and that’s why some online converting tools provide users with better and more accurate results than others.

Basic deciding criteria

When thinking about converting PDF to Word, take into account specific criteria to choose the best online tool to do this job. Many programs allow you to easily complete the process and enable you to edit pages, images, and other data in your PDF files. Make sure that they:

  • Don’t require you to install anything;
  • Offer excellent features that will let you edit files in many ways;
  • Allow you extra and convert PDF documents to DOC;
  • Export data from scanned files;
  • Redact your sensitive content to protect your confidential data;
  • Customize your forms.