Pros and cons of using push notifications

September 27, 2018

When using web push notifications correctly, it can be a great way to attract more users to your website and make the site itself more efficient. But, when used incorrectly, it may become an annoying thing that only irritates users. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using push notifications.

Pros and cons of using the tool in marketing

The main advantages of web push notifications:

  • It is very easy to subscribe to them for the users
  • This technology is easy to connect
  • It is convenient to manage (you can configure automatic sending, effective chains, depending on the user’s behavior)

Other advantages include:

  • High demand. Visitors are happy to subscribe to notifications.
  • A very high level of readings. 90% of subscribers will see your message.
  • Ability to send the most relevant messages. Select the CA by segmenting and personalizing.
  • It is convenient to use automatic sending of messages, tuned to the behavioral functions of site visitors.

Cons of using web push notifications

The cons of web push ads include:

  • Two-click subscription. Under the condition of the HTTP site, it will be necessary to subscribe a person in two clicks. The pop-up window to allow or block subscription will pop up two times. This slightly reduces the number of subscribers because you need to press twice for the consent.
  • There are two ways to unsubscribe. Not everyone understands how to remove push notifications. There is no special Unsubscribe button. On the message itself, click the right mouse button. Then a special request form will appear – Disable Alerts. When a subscriber wants to unsubscribe, he needs to go directly to the settings of his browser and cancel the mailing there.
  • The effectiveness of message delivery is the main disadvantage. It depends on several factors. If a person cleans cookies on the computer, messages will not be delivered. To resume the delivery, he will need to go back to the site and re-subscribe. The same happens if the client has updated the operating system on the device or decided to unsubscribe from the notifications.

If you sum up all the factors, the overall delivery statistics for notifications is on average 62.87%. The indicator decreases with the life of the database. The earlier you subscribe, the higher is the % of delivery. After a year of working with the database, you can count on such numbers of deliverability and referrals.

In order to make your push ads as effective as possible, it is best if you use the push ads network.