The Most Important Bestmixer’s Numbers – Brief Review

June 2, 2018

Today we’ll find out what features Bestmixer has in numbers. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a service which provides cryptocurrency mixing. Users send their coins to the website, they are mixed with random coins from other people and as a result, there isn’t any name or address so everyone stays anonymous.

So, for providing the security and safety of personal data, Bestmixer deletes all details about mixing in 24 hours.
Its effectiveness is great because you can specify up to 10 receiving addresses. While the income address is only 1 and it’ll be deleted too, the number of recipients impresses.

People speaking on 11 languages can use the service without difficulties. It means that you can find an answer to any question at once because the service support works 24/7.

But we don’t think there’ll be a need for support as the website has 6 sections in which all information is understandable and it seems that all questions are already answered. Which are:
– What coins can be mixed? There’re 3 of them: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The 4th, Ethereum, will be available soon. Cryptocurrency tumbler
– The minimum service fee. For every coin, it’s 0,5% but there’re 3 factors which influence on it: the coin type, the amount of currency and the current occupancy of cryptocurrency network.
– There’re 3 funds for mixing: Alpha, Beta and Gamma Pool which consist of different coins.

Of course, it’s not all. But we’ve found out the most important details which worth your attention.